Judi Vitale, Empowerment Coach

Judi Vitale, Empowerment Coach

There are lots of coaches out there, but very few are equipped to take the same approach I do. My unique combination of skills will support all the different facets of your life, helping you develop more deeply in Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Hope for the Holidays Nov 21, 2017 - $10
It happened again.

They’ve hung the tinsel before the turkeys have been de-feathered, and the whole world seems to be screaming carols and anthems that remind us that it’s the gifting season. Hurry up! There are only a few days left to bankrupt yourself trying to pay for all the items you think you “have” to buy. And, there is also love, peace, and beauty in the rituals that reflect the “true” meaning of the season that encompasses all the winter holidays.

Are you ready? Do you not only know the “right” things to buy, are you willing to remember the “right” things to say and do? Or, would you rather not participate in the annual dysfunctional rituals that others keep on insisting are a means of “celebration?”

What to do? Much, naturally, has to do with your situation - and even more has to do with your ability to make choices that are right for YOU.

These mini-teleseminars will help us…

Identify (as individuals) what we want to change at this time of year.

Exercise our right to choose the right mix of activity to keep us mentally & spiritually contented and financially safe.

Enjoy the light that emerges from the darkness and celebrate it according to our beliefs and needs.

Just 30 minutes (and $10) is all you need to commit for each session - because I know that none of us has that much spare time or money at this time of year. Give it a try. Not only will you get through this year’s holiday season with a much better perspective, you’ll have new tools you can use to create a magical future.
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