Judi Vitale, Empowerment Coach

Judi Vitale, Empowerment Coach

There are lots of coaches, but very few are equipped to take the same approach I do. My unique combination of skills will support all the different facets of your life, helping you develop more deeply in Mind, Body and Spirit.

Cancellation policy: 24 hours notice.

Choose a service to schedule


Initial Consultation
One Hour Coaching Session - $125
90 Minute Coaching Session
Hypnotherapy - $200
Past Life Regression - $150
One Hour Astrology Consultation
90-Minute Astrology Consultation - $225
30 minute Astrology Session - $75
One-hour Astrology Instruction Session - $50
One hour of astrology instruction. This is not a counseling session! This is for you to learn how to read astrology charts.
Uranian Astrology Instruction - $75
This is not a counseling session - this is training designed for you to learn how to use Uranian Astrology and the 90-degree dial for doing consultations of your own.
2-hour Astrology instruction session - $100
2-hour Reiki Instruction Session - $200
Website consultation
Tarot Reading - $50
Intern call - $0
Internship Teaching Team Meet - $0
Meeting with Internship Teaching team
Hypnotherapy Supervision for Wellness Students - $100
Supervisory session for students seeking to hone and develop their skills in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy.
1 hour supervision for Wellness Students - $75
Supervision session for brief questions or advice on one client
Breathwork Session - $75


Directions 3107 Riverfront Drive, Pittsburgh, PA, United States
412 953 5315